Therapy Harps

Small Interactive Therapy Harps recommended by the International Harp Therapy Program

These small harps are ideal to start learning how to play the harp. They are a perfect size for CHILDREN, most fit in the overhead of airplane cabins, are perfect for carrying into nature dwellings, and are among the harps that are used hospitals and hospices.

Please note that most all Harps have a Therapeutic effect. The larger harps have a fuller bass resonance that is lacking in the smaller harp but the for the interactive work and bedside playing that we do in the Int’l Harp Therapy Program, we look for small harps that fit the following criteria:

  • Harps that have at least 22 strings from C below middle C up to the D above the high C. This enables the harpist to implement 56 moods of music
  • Harps that have a mellow sound for patients who are experiencing pain and who are on morphine drips – this means the tension is slightly less than some harps built with tight string tension
  • Harps that have a balance point and are lightweight so that the Harp Practitioner can hold the harp over the recipient without straining the forearm. The column should fit comfortably in the hand and there should be space for the bottom strings to vibrate
  • A harp that has through pins, full set of Truitt metal levers and a strap for strolling and standing by the bedside


The International Harp Therapy Program and Emerald Harp Productions recommends the finest built harps for new students and those pursuing a career in harp therapy. Each of these harps below come with the highest recommendation.

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If you order your harp through Emerald Harp Productions, you will pay no more for the harp than if you go to the maker – and in addition, you’ll find instructional materials included with many of our Harp Packages. For the beginner the Rainbow of Sound Books+DVDs 1 & 2 – or if you are already a harp player, you may choose to have the first two of the Creative Harping Series.

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All the harps we list and recommend start on the C below middle C and have at least 22 strings and have a superb tone.
Just find the harp that speaks to you and follow the link to the Emerald Harp shop where you can see details of many unique packages to get you the perfect harp for your needs and budget!

The Nightingale
 by Jeff Lewis  – LewisCreek Harps – a superb sounding harp 
with all the qualities we look for. Christina Therapy Harp by  Tripplett Harps. Clear, mellow and lightweight with Celtic knotwork eyelets. County Kerry 24 by Jeff Gaynor – a delightful lightweight resonant harp.



The Harpsicle™ by William Rees – this is the basic harp. It has no levers and it does not have bridge pins which are needed for adding levers. It can be played in the key of C and A minor or tuned to any other scale with a tuning wrench. (Our most affordable harp.) The Sharpsicle™ by William Rees – this harp has levers on the Cs and Fs enabling you to play in 6 different keys. This harp is necessary to continue after book # 3 in the Rainbow of Sound series. The Fullsicle™by William Rees – this harp features a full set of levers enabling you to play in 16 different keys (8 major and 8 minor).



  The Raphael 26 Therapy Harp by Harps of Lorien – has a warm, resonant tone.(students of the IHTP receive a discount) Even Song by Here, Inc. A bit larger than the standard interactive therapeutic harp but a beautiful tone and affordable complete package Highland Harp by Dan MacCrimmon. This harp is truly resonant and has a unique stand (detachable) that has little wheels on it. The harp can either be sat at or played with a strap



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IHTP endorses the use of the exceptionally fine and precise

Truitt Sharping Lever on all Interactive Therapy Harps.

Visit DragonWhispers for details about Truitt Sharping Levers