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Rosegold Harp Essences are made by Julie Darling in the wild and sacred places of Great Britain. The holy Isle of Iona in Scotland, and Glastonbury in the West Country are two examples of ancient and beautiful locations where Harp Essences have been created.

How they are made

Rosegold Harp Essences are made using a unique process which harnesses the healing vibrations of the Celtic harp and the sacred world of nature. They are natural remedies which support and energise the healing processes of the mind, body and spirit.

In order to make each Harp Essence, Julie uses ancient prayers from Celtic spirituality and meditation, to help her enter a state of deep attunement and connection with the heart of nature and the hidden realms.

The resulting essences contain the energetic resonance of the holy places in which they were made and the music of her harp, as it is received through inspiration. The sacred vibrations of sound and place are carried in pure spring water which is energised to hold that resonance.

Essence Music

 The Essence Music which comes through inspiration to create each Harp Essence is recorded live to create a companion CD. Often, there are the sounds of nature present on the recording, such as the sound of wind and wave or birdsong, or the hauntingly beautiful sound of the wind playing the harp strings.

About Julie Darling, founder of Rosegold Harp Essences

Julie Darling has been working in the field of spiritual and therapeutic music for nearly twenty years. In 1992 she met the Celtic harp for the first time, through the work of Celtic bard Fiona Davidson – (now Fionntulach, Head of the Order of the Céile Dé) – and began the work that was to change the course of her life.

In 2002 she joined the International Harp Therapy Programme in San Diego, where she found affirmation of her path in life, and true inspiration from the rich teachings of the programme with Christina Tourin.

Julie works with a combination of modern approaches to the use of sound as a therapeutic medium, and ancient traditions from the world of the Celtic bards. She worked for many years with young people with learning disabilities, and offers workshops for meditation and self-discovery through improvisation with the harp.

Julie works outside in nature with her clients whenever she can, combining the healing vibrations of harp music with the spoken word, to create a gentle cradle of sound within the green world of nature.

Julie was already creating Rosegold Harp Essences when she discovered the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. Here, she found further confirmation of the power and potential of her healing harp essences.

Julie is inspired by Celtic spirituality and her own love of nature, making harp essences and composing and recording harp music in the wild and sacred places of the British Isles. Through her music and her workshops, she has become known for the gentle power of her sacred music on the harp, and the quiet wisdom of her teachings.

Visit Julie at SpiritualHarp for details about Rosegold Harp Essences  



Note from Christina Tourin: I would like to introduce David Eastoe who is my accompanist and UK Sound engineer on many of my recordings and projects. It was amazing when I went through his selection kit of flower essences.  As soon as I came upon one of the essences, my whole body began to tingle and it was as if I had goosebumps – spirit sparks all over!  It was one of his Hawaiian essences. When I went to Hawaii, I found the flower (which is pretty common there – a beautiful blue wild flower).

What is even more amazing is the next time I came to work with him in the UK, I went through the kit again (eyes closed) just experiencing what was happening under the touch of my hand on each of the tester bottles.  Lo and behold out of the some 30 bottles, it came up again the same and the second one that was strong for me was the same flower essence somewhat different that grows in England but is white!).

I love putting the essence on my hands and lightly massaging my face and around my head. Each time I do that, there is such an amazing clarity that takes place.

Here is information on flower essences.  I highly recommend that you go to David’s site and find out for yourself how you can find the essence that best suits you. He also has on-line training courses if you are interested in delving further into the study of Flower Essences.

Petaltone Essences

Petaltone Essences offer a unique working plant energy modality that has been developing since 1992. They are completely different to any other essences, both in how they are created and in how they are applied.  They can easily be self applied, and allow aura treatment, energy clearing and aura protection as well as offering tools for shamanic uses.  Petaltones may be used alongside other treatments.

Transfer the powerful energy of plants directly into your aura effecting deep level changes for personal health and wellbeing on all levels. Then Space Clear your home or workspace and protect your aura with the world’s first and most effective clearing and protection essences recommended by well known author Judy Hall.

Petaltone products include the 21 Set created in the ancient sacred landscapes of England, our Hawaiian Set from Big Island, Australian Rock Essences from NSW, and our own powerful system of Hawaiian Plant Spirit Medicine.