Creative Harping Series Introduction

In the Creative Harping music development teaching series …

  • You will learn how to determine the mode of a piece and obtain the chords that are used for improvisation with each of the modes in the related keys of the music.
  • You will begin to play music without reading the written note.
  • Right hand and left hand patterns provide the basis for entwining sounds for a creative passionate sound.
  • Playing along with the visuals provide form in rhythm and structure.
  • Each mode is introduced and then thoroughly studied in subsequent lessons.
  • With each lesson, you will receive codes for downloading the pages of music. You will want to go to the top of the page on this site and click on the word SUPPORT and then put in your code.We suggest you purchase a binder to house the lesson papers. There will be about 1.5″of pages in total. Downloading creates a savings to you on shipping costs and packaging space for us and you have the option of A4 or 8″x11″ printouts. You can contact us if you need us to send you the papers.

Creative Harping No. 1 is offered as a FREE Streaming lesson (see below) – it provides a full introduction and contains the theory you need to know to get started. Lesson #2 brings in left-hand patterns as well as focusing on the Dorian mode, and is available via our website where full details of the entire Creative Harping Series can be found.

The FREE Lesson No.1 is split into six video ‘chapters’ for your convenience (approximately 1 hour in total).
Don’t forget to Request your FREE lesson support papers!

Request you FREE First Lesson Support Papers.

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If you are eager to start learning to improvise and expanding your repertoire, 
you can find full details and order Creative Harp Lessons 2-10 from our website.