Color Therapy and Auras

Colors are obviously another manifestation of vibration and energy. Certain chakras are associated with certain colors as well as musical tones. As with the most commonly known association of the seven note to seven chakra correlation, the usual description of the seven colors of the spectrum are attributed as such:

It has been interesting to me that when I play the music of the ocean and in the key of G, the majority of people who have closed their eyes during the experience will say they have seen the color blue. Some people, like myself, are able to see auras, the energy glow around people and in certain areas of the body. Kirlian photography is a photographic process that captures the auras or biofi elds of persons or objects within the photograph. The technique involves the photographing of subjects in the presence of a high-frequency, high-voltage, low-amperage electrical field, which displays glowing, multicolored emanations known as auras or bio-fields.

The process of Kirlian photography is named after Seymon Kirlian, an amateur inventor and electrician of Krasnodar, Russia, who pioneered the first efforts on the process in the early 1940s.

There seems to be no evidence that Kirlian photography is a paranormal phenomenon. Some experimenters think it reveals a physical form of psychic energy. Another theory is that it reveals the etheric body, one of the layers of the aura thought to permeate all animate objects. The understanding of this latter aspect of the process gives rise to the prospects of beneficial benefits of gaining signifccant insights in medicine, psychology, psychic healing, psi, and dowsing. Critics repudiate the process by saying that it shows nothing more that than electricity being discharged which can be produced under certain conditions.

Having the ability to see auras is not essential to know as a harp practitioner although for those who can see, it lends clues as to what may be happening with an individual. Some people have this gift naturally and some people learn to cultivate it.

The late Kay Gardner, Sound Healer and presenter for IHTP, taught a workshop on seeing auras that I attended in 1985 at the Steiner School in Shelburne, Vermont. She had us look at a spot about a foot above a person’s head or above the shoulder at ear level and focus on the space. With permission, I include her words on seeing auras. ‘Taking the person only into your peripheral vision, focus your eyes on and stare at that imaginary spot until you see what looks like a thin band of light surrounding the person. Esoteric teachers call this fi rst auric layer the “etheric double.” It is in this body of light that dis-ease is fi rst seen, before it evidences itself in the physical body. The etheric double is seen as a halo of clear or pale pistachio green light extending about two to six inches out from the physical body.

Extending beyond the etheric double, some of you will see another wider band of light about six to twenty-four inches out in which colors and perhaps shapes may appear. (If you are trying really hard to see the aura, you won’t be as successful as if you allow yourself to see it! This may have to do with whether or not your eye muscles are relaxed.) Some of us won’t see color but will have a sense of color, while others of us will see only subtle, though clear, colorless light. What you are seeing in this instance is called the “astral body.”

As they extend outward, other “bodies” or bands of light which are harder to see but can be felt are the mental bodies, including the intellectual and the intuitive, and the spiritual, including three bodies, moving from personal spirituality to cosmic spirituality.

Each of these seven auric bodies corresponds with each chakra. The root chakra is related to the etheric double; the belly chakra to the emotional/astral body; the solar plexus chakra to the intellectual mental body; the heart to the intuitive mental body, the throat to the fi rst spiritual body, that concerned with will; the brow to the second spiritual body, or psychic knowing; and the crown to the outermost spiritual body that connects us with Cosmic consciousness. Auric sight may be an optical extra-retinal phenomenon, caused by the electromagnetic energy radiating from the human body, much like the wavy halo that can be seen around a hot wood stove.

Since Kirlian devised a photographic method of showing aura on film (1939), scientists worldwide have been experimenting with Kirlian photography and claim that dis-ease can be detected in the “corona” as it appears on fi lm before it is diagnosed by physicians.”

In Kay’s workshops, 60% of the participants could see the aura. In addition, when she began to play the fl ute, they could see movement, more intensity, more density and more color. The aura became brighter and pulsated.


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