Harp Therapy Campus overview

How the campus works to support individual student development

NOTE: The Campus website at harptherapycampus.com is now further supported by a new student support website at harptherapylessons.com


  • You will be studying the program at home by accessing the lessons online
  • You will be able to study at your own pace. A maximum period of 6 months will be given to any one Unit.
  • Each student is assigned a personal mentor who evaluates workbook submissions and offers personal support. Your tuition covers up to 15 hours during your study. Any additional support will be financially arranged by you and your mentor.
  • Course materials and project papers are uploaded and then printed and added to your workbook binder to be sent to your mentor.
  • The ‘Student Area’ allows for communications  via instant Blogs and Forums


  • Your unique student identity allows you access to the Unit lessons area inside the online campus
  • The lessons include written, video and recording materials
  • Students can study and review the monthly lesson as often as needed to fully explore the material – students have indicated that the on-line studies amount to about 15 hours each month, not including the harp practice and book reading


  • Live periodic phone conferences are held by Christina Tourin (IHTP director) ~ mentors, teachers, fellow students (from around the world) and notable speakers all participate and contribute. See SCHEDULE (on the harptherapycampus.com website) for Conference calls.
  • Conferences are at scheduled times to work with several regional time zones
  • You will hear key-note addresses by leaders in the field and have the chance to question and get the advice you need when you need it


  • All required reading materials are available for purchase either through Emeraldharp.com or by following book reference links
  • Harp lessons (required Creative Harp Series) and required support materials are readily available through Emeraldharp.com or affiliated sites ~ recommendation on instructors who teach by SKYPE lessons is also available for your own private study
  • Free downloadable support papers are included in Unit lessons


  • Assistance is always available
  • You can personally email the director if a one-on-one communication is called for
  • We have a FAQ’s section on the campus where you can get answers to most computer related issues
  • If a problem occurs that is not covered by the FAQ’s area, our technical support people will always respond to issues and try to resolve any problems you might encounter

Link t o IHTP Campus Online

NOTE: The Campus website at harptherapycampus.com is now further supported by a new student support website at harptherapylessons.com