We have Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioners (CTHP) around the world who are here to serve you, your residents, patients and loved ones. They come highly qualified with the recommendation of our program.!
Select the Country or State that you wish to search OR the Last Name of a practitioner and click Filter. Their profile will come up. You will be able to click on More Details for further information. We have broken their email address to help prevent spamming so when you contact them, be aware you need to take out the spaces and put in the @ sign.
You will see *s by their name. To remain certified, CTHPs are required to have 20 Continuing Education Credits every 2 years.
The *s = Years of Continuing Education Credits obtained by attending our Professional Development Gatherings (PDG’s) or equivalency.‚Ä®Each * equals 20 CEUs on a bi-annual basis!
Therefore, Mary Doe who has graduated in 2003 and has * * * * * is up-to-date with her certification with 20 CEU’s every two years as is John Doe who graduated in 2010 and has * *. (The number of CE credits are in accordance with the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. Note the year of graduation for the number of +’s after the name)