Resonance Support

The items on this page are offered as additional support materials for practitioners. Each reveals a unique holistic view –  food for thought and greater insight.
The QabThe Qabalah Tree of LIfe Chartalah – Tree of Life Chart depicts the modern Qabalistic Tree of Life in full color. This easy to use informative reference guide is intended as an inspirational tool for meditation, visualization and study purposes.
The Tree of Life glyph is formed by twenty two paths and ten Sephiroth (spheres). Each is numbered and referenced to a corresponding table (on the reverse). Particular attention has been given to the flashing colors of the four Qabalistic worlds.
This double sided chart measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is printed in full color on card and is Laminated for protection.
Qabalah – Tree of Life Chart


A Medicine Wheel Chart – is an ancient healing tool discovered over 7000 years ago and is still used in many cultures today.

This is a Medicine Wheel for the New Age. The idea behind it starts with your seven basic Chakras. Each level of the wheel is a tool to help us find our center, “The Infinite Love within us.”

Put on your favorite relaxing music in the key of C, or use a tuning fork. sit on a red blanket on the beach, in the grass or on a rock. Apply three drops of ginger oil on your hands, rub them together to create heat and smell the aroma. Hold your smokey quartz, focus your mind on the planet Saturn and with each breath, hum the vowel “ooooh” as you feel yourself grounding and connecting to the Earth’s core…

A single sided  chart 9″x12″ Printed in full color and laminated for protection.

A Medicine Wheel Chart


 The Kabbalah Poster (laminated) is a full sized offset print revealing over 1,000 titles names and keywords of the Kabbalah

This original classic work reveals over 1,000 names and titles embracing both traditional and esoteric wisdom. First printed in 1978 The Kabbalah Poster is now in its 11th edition.

Many hours of research and dedication have gone into this unique hand written poster, which crystallizes volumes of both known and rare esoteric information. The Kabbalah Poster is a suitable reference work for enthusiasts, scholars, teachers, lay-persons and students of life.

Tables names and titles include: 

  • God and Goddess names
  • Archangels and Angels
  • Numerical and Alphabetical values
  • Visions
  • Tarot cards (with esoteric titles)
  • Astrological attributes
  • Colors
  • Symbols and many more…

Printed in rich burgundy on parchment finish cream stock. Size: 22″ x 28″ (laminated for ease of use and protection)

Kabbalah Poster Laminated $22.50



$34.00 (save $4.00 + reduced shipping costs)