Reading List

Required Reading

You can purchase many of the required books directly from the Emerald Harp online shop .

Non-English Speaking Students:  We are compiling reading lists as part of our restructuring Harp Therapy for the World. International students should choose the books from your list that cover the following subjects: TA Today, Psychology and Counseling, NLP, Music Therapy, Ethics, Empathic Listening, Vibrational Medicine and other’s that you fit in our class discussions. In addition, please have the Cradle of Sound book and the Illuminations Healing Music book.  Here are the various International reading lists:  Dutch, German , French, Japanese, Danish to come).

Additional books are listed alphabetically here



Illuminations Healing Music Book/CD – C. Tourin

Read the opening text in the Illuminations Healing Music Book and begin working on the following selections – any level:

  • Little Dove or Unite (Earth Element)
  • Harbor Cove or Tranquility (Water Element)
  • Shadow Spirit or Annwyn (Wood Element)
  • Diamonds from Heaven or Cherubim (Fire Element)
  • Clair de Lune (see fingering video on sidebar at page top)

These pieces have structure yet are unfamiliar (except Clair de Lune) and serve the various human elements. For the Metal Element, the Chanter or Scarborough Faire in the Dorian mode is appropriate.

There is also a CD – Illuminations that will help in learning the pieces.

Price $35.00/book,  $15.00/CD

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Harp Therapy Manual with CD – Cradle of Sound – C.Tourin

Price $95.00

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Music and Soulmaking – Toward A New Theory of Music Therapy – B. Crowe

Price $50.00

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by Ray Pool

Fifty Themes and Melodies for Every Harpist
A fakebook collected and edited      Price $18.00   BUY NOW 




The Healing Musician – S. Benson

Price $30.00

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Grace Notes – Tami Briggs

Price $25.00

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At the Heart of the matter  – Anne R. Bewley

Price $20.00

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Special Offer for the above required books!

Save over $50.00 when you purchase all the above required reading materials at one time.

Individual price $ 285.00 + multiple shipping charges

Special Discount Price $245.00 + single shipping charge

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Healing At The Spped of Sound by Don Campbell and Alex Doman

AVAILABLE as hard copy, eBook and Enhanced eBook from 


The following books are highly recommended but not required




 Inspirations Healing Music Book/CD – C. Tourin

  • The inspired stories how the compositions transpired
  • Info on Coda Notations
  • Wee bit o Celtic Iona History
  • A 4th Octave Overtone Piece with fourth octave overtone notes listed in the Key of C
  • Beautiful photos of Iona

Plus: The music in this book has separate arrangements for 15 original compositions for:

  • Beginning harp players with therapy harps with the lowest string C below middle C
  • Some additional arrangements for Flute, Cello, Harp and guitar/keyboard chords
  • Intermediate and Advanced versions that match the key and format of the song as played by Christina on the recording

There is also a CD – Illuminations that will help in learning the pieces.

Price $35.00/book,  $15.00/CD

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TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis [Paperback]

 Ian Stewart (Author), Vann Joines (Author) available from Amazon 




The Art of Conversation Through Serious Illness: Lessons for Caregivers

Richard McQuellon (Author), Michael Cowan (Author) (NY, Oxford U Press, 2010) available from Amazon 




The Mozart Effect – D. Campbell – Avon Books/Harper Collins

This book can be purchased by following this link .




Music: Physician for Times to Come – D. Campbell Amazon

This book can be purchased by following this 



The Harpers Diary  

The Harpers Diary – Christine Grace Magnussen

Poetry is embedded in the journal by J. Worthy

Price $14.95

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Sound Spirit: Pathway to Faith – D. Campbell Amazon

This book can be purchased by following this 




Therapeutic Harp 3-DVD Set – by S. Williams

3 part documentary about the use of harps in healthcare settings.

Part 1: Ancient Legacy
Part II: Sound Science
Part III: Clinical Applications

Total 2 hrs.43 mins.

Price $79.95




The Mythic Harp – S. Williams

Following this 




Good Vibrations – S. Williams

Follow this web address 





Regarding the books, you can often borrow from the library but we do have some required books for the program by the teachers who are presenting and those are sometimes hard to find. Lots of times you can find used books on

Here are some sample used books that we have seen:

At the Heart of the Matter by Anne Bewley – used

Music and Soulmaking by Barbara Crowe  used $10.00 versus $54.00 

Physician for Times to Come by Don Campbell  used  from $.01!!!! 

Mozart Effect by Don Campbell    used – $4.50!!!

You should have a total of 12 book reports including the required books.

Choose from these possibilities below, or ask about others.

Alphabetically Listed


All I Really Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten – Robert Fulghum
Anatomy Coloring Book – Kapit and Elson
Annie Stories – Brett, Doris
Articles on audition, immunology and therapeutic use of music – Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.
At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations – Marily Peterson

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