Whiteley, Carla

Carla Whiteley. [T.P.T.C. BA Music Deakin University] Certified Therapeutic Harp Practioner.

I commenced  my working life as a teacher of children with disabilities. I worked for 23 years as a music teacher, teaching within the classroom, as well as teaching flute and recorder.

I have been working for the last 4 years within Aged Care Residences. My work usually consists of playing a concert, which lasts for up to an hour. For the concerts I play the flute, with and without CD backing tracks, the Harp, various recorders, read poetry and play the ukelele for a general sing along with the residents.

After the concert I spend up to an hour and a half individually with residents who are unable to leave their rooms and play bedside harp. I also use a Reverie harp for interaction with residents.

I play at several Bupa Aged Care Facilities and at a newly opened  Villa Maria Aged Care Facility. At the latter facility the manager specifically asked for me to come as she is familiar with the IHTP and a great supporter of the program. I also play on a Pro Bono basis at a local Nursing Home.