Trinkwon, Shirley

Shirley Trinkwon has been working as a piano tuner for more than twenty-five years and piano teacher for fifteen years, and is a member of The Incorporated Society of Musicians. She has more recently taken up the harp since 2008 and gone on to become a fully qualified Harp Therapist with the International Harp Therapy Program.


“Shirley Trinkwon has been providing group and individual harp therapy sessions at Eastfield Nursing Home for over six months and they have been very successful. The residents of my nursing home have given me very good feedback on the harp therapy sessions, finding them relaxing and therapeutic. Shirley has managed her time within the Nursing Home independently, identifying residents that would benefit from a ‘one-one’ session and liaising with staff within the home to organise a small group to work with. These harp therapy sessions have been particularly beneficial to residents that are receiving ‘end of life’ care, providing them with additional support and caring.”

Signed: Dr. Dennis Greenwood

Nursing Home Manager,

Eastfield Nursing Home. Liss, Hampshire, GU33 7PS. Tel:01730 892268


Shirley plays music from memory on her “County Kerry” harp on an individual basis, but also for groups and special occasions when she plays a bigger “Ogden” harp.

The music is played with intention of bringing about relaxation and calming as the sound of the strings together with the use of guided imagery with poems and pictures creates a ‘cradle of sound’ in which the patient feels gently cocooned in a special place of reflective deeper peace.