Ross, Bev


I am at the bedside at our acute caring teaching hospital at the cancer clinic. The harp circle of cancer patients is in its seventh year!

Bev’s use of the harp to provide comfort and support healing has grown out of her lifelong commitment to the power of music to move us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Bev works as a therapeutic harp practitioner in the following settings:

  • University of Alberta Hospitals: staff position. Bedside in cardiac care and ICU, neurology care and ICU, burns ICU, transplant, internal medicine, geriatrics, eating disorders, NICU, psychiatry
  • Cross Cancer Institute: on contract. Bedside in chemo units, palliative clinic, in-patient rooms.
  • Cross Cancer Institute Arts in Medicine: on contract. Facilitating two weekly harp circles with cancer patients

A working musician since her teens, Bev is a songwriter and composer, having studied both classical and modern music. Bev’s scores and songs have appeared in broadcasts, film and theatre productions, festivals and concerts across Canada.


What others have said about Bev’s work…

“It takes a special kind of individual to be able to tune out the technology of an acute-care hospital and relate to the person behind the tubes and machines. Bev is such a person.”Michelle Casavant, Art Program Manager, University of Alberta Hospitals

“My issue is I need to walk. While you played, I saw myself dancing around a maypole.”cancer institute in-patient

“Thank you so much for providing this beautiful music for patients and families. It was a ray of sunshine and hope on otherwise dreary days and reminded us there was more to life than the miseries in which we were immersed at that moment!”RN and patient’s family member

“It was something very special today to feel your music. It was so very special to see my wife totally in the zone. You have a wonderful gift and it was wonderful to hear you play. Thank member