Bulger, Marilyn

Marilyn works within the community of Hinton, Alberta, Canada and the area, including Jasper and Edson.  At present her Harp Therapy practice includes the Hinton Health Care Centre, Good Samaritan Mountainview Home, Pine Valley Lodge, Adult Day Program, Jasper Alpine Summit Extended Care Facility and with individuals at home or at school.  She works with hospital patients, dementia patients, palliative care patients and their families, cancer patients receiving chemo-therapy, birthing mothers, children with special needs, handicapped adults, residents of seniors’ homes and extended care facilities, and in employee stress-release sessions.  Marilyn also plays harp for weddings, funerals and other special occasions.
Harp Therapy is a free service to those in need.  It is funded completely through grants and donations to the Hinton Health Care Foundation – Harp Therapy Project.  At present an average of 300 people per month benefit from Harp Therapy.
Marilyn’s first CD, “Starblanket” is in production and should be available in the fall of 2013. (see website).  It will be a compilation of pieces, some original, designed for relaxation and to facilitate healing.
1. ”I usually experience music as something outside of myself, but when you played your harp it went straight to my soul and I experienced it from within.”
2. Nursing Supervisor : “ I have personally witnessed the harp as a therapeutic instrument and appreciate the ‘healing touch’ it brings to patients and visitors, supporting our goal of health and healing.  Marilyn is attentive to the needs of each individual patient and designs her program to meet those needs.  Nursing staff and even cleaning staff at the hospital have commented on the positive effects of the harp music.  The benefits are not only physiological (positive changes in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure) but emotional and psychological as well.”
3. Cancer patient : “ I really do not like it here in the Cancer Clinic.  It makes me angry and nervous.  The harp really calms me down and gives me some peace.”