Laurence, Marie

MarieL100I am self-employed and these are the services I am offering:
Special Needs
VibroAcoustic Harp Therapy
Healing Harp Circles
Meditation with Harp
Bedside Harp
Volunteering at local hospice

Laurence is self-employed with a studio in Moncton, NB and an office in her home in Shediac, NB. She offers the following services:
Interactive Harp Therapy for Special Children to help them reach their potential through individualized musical activities in order to meet each little person’s needs.
VibroAcoustic Harp Therapy for those with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, neurological issues and more. The vibrations coming through the vibrotactile mat give the recipient a musical massage where needed. Also offered to teenaged children and young adults on the autistic spectrum.
Healing Harp Circle for those facing difficult challenges like family violence, cancer…Participants sit in a circle each with a small harp cradled against them; they experiment therapeutic music, share, interact, heal.
Rainbow Healing Circle, a one hour guided meditation accompanied by soft harp music.
Musical Labyrinth, a partnership between Laurence and Charline Savoie, an intuitive singer/songwriter, offers Labyrinth Walks accompanied by the harp or Charline’s voice, workshops, special events. For more details visit:
My favorite quotes:
Every disease is a musical problem, every cure is a musical solution. Novalis
Disease comes from losing contact with our true nature. Sogyal Rimpoche

A friend and I combined our talents and created Musical Labyrinth. We offer Labyrinth Walks, Workshops, Musical Healing sessions: