Grace, Sonja

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Practicum in San Diego Hospice.

Work Experience in hospitals, rest homes, drug rehabilitation centre, prisons and schools for special needs mainly in Malta, and Australasia. My Harp Therapy Sessions have been very well received by staff, family members and patients. I also work with singing bowls, and draw upon resources from my life experiences and studies in spirituality, natural healing, art and creativity.


Harp Therapy Expertise:

relaxation for mums of new born, stressed staff & psychiatric patients

pain relief for oncology patients, post op, & back pain

inducing sleep for mums with new born, babies; patients in palliative care & post op

relieving anxiety for family members in palliative care & NICU;

children & pre-op/treatment patients

mental stimulation in geriatric wards.

stimulating speech in non communicative clients


Based on personal feedback from patients, and family members I would like to introduce Harp Therapy in hospitals in

neonatal and intensive care units,

paediatrics, particularly oncology


palliative care

Occupational Therapists also suggested the need for Harp Therapy for patients with

Burns and Amputees.

Staff requests have been for Geriatric Wards, Psychiatric Wards and Gynaecology Wards.


I offer supervised practicums in Malta in response to personal requests.


I am interested in helping others establish harp therapy in their own countries.

My long term goal is harp therapy research and see Harp Therapy as a recognised profession worldwide.


“Ms Grace, a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner ..plays the harp to each patient individually. She tailors the music according to the patient’s condition…They feel comforted and comment that the music is beautiful. Ms Grace has a gentle and courteous disposition towards the patients and the professionals.” Dr Doreen Pace, Consultant Palliative Care, Oncology Department, Boffa Hospital.


“Sonja is an amazing lady. She intuitively finds her client’s ‘home note’…Sonja’s harp therapy has helped many people with a wide range of health issues including strokes, dementia, back pain, and depression.” Pam Sullivan, Surfing Rainbows.

“Sonja is a very gifted harp practitioner. …Sonja is definitely a very powerful worker.” Christina Tourin, Director International Harp Therapy Programme.