Magnussen, Christine

Christine Grace Magnussen, BA, CFPC, CTHP
Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner – IHTP class of 1999
Founding Director of the ACCHORD therapeutic music program
Presenter at First International Harp Therapy Conference
IHTP Skype instructor/mentor – 2009 to present
Co-Author of The Harper’s Diary – A Memoir Journal for Harp Therapy Practitioners
Email: relax (at)

After 14 years as a harp therapy practitioner, mentor and online harp instructor, I invite the music I recorded in tribute to my patients to carry on my work. Over 4,000 copies of the Therapeutic Harp CD: ‘On Wings of a Dove – Harp Music to Soothe the Soul’ are being used worldwide in hospitals, nursing homes, cancer centers, hospices, for stress relief, holistic therapies, meditation and sleep. Harp therapy practitioners have purchased dozens as gifts to leave with their patients after providing live harp therapy.

On Wings of a Dove includes compositions by Christina Tourin, William Mahan, Kim Robertson, and others, recorded and sequenced to progressively relax the listener. I met nationally-acclaimed sound engineer, Ron Davis, of A Wing & A Prayer Productions when offering him harp therapy during chemotherapy infusion. His skill and sensitivity as a patient are infused into this recording which features the voice of live doves recorded by a hospice family who raised them. Lauded by the author of Surviving Cancer, Margie Levine, “On Wings of a Dove has the profound effect of moving the healing energies within us. This is a superb piece of work.”

BE PEACE. Make space for the angels to flow through you.

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