Day, Estelle

Estelle Day is currently the therapeutic harp practitioner at the UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital serving on the Palliative Care team. Her bedside harp work brings comfort, relaxation, and rest to patients dealing with pain issues. Patients have told her that the harp sessions are better than their pain medications for getting relief. Hospital staff members often request that she play for them for a few minutes at a nurses station while they take a few moments for some deep breaths and relaxation. If time permits, she plays in her favorite unit, the NICU, where the babies respond to the harp sounds and staff welcome their “harp days.”

Estelle, a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory in organ performance, has been a professional musician for many years as performer, music teacher, church musician. She branched into studying therapeutic harp work in 2006 and found a great love in using music to be of service to others, particularly hospital and hospice patients and staff. Here is a quote about her work from the Palliative Care Chaplain: “Estelle, you are AMAZING!!!! Our patients are so blessed to have you on our team!! Wahoo!!” Estelle knows she is blessed to be doing this work and is available to work in other locations in the West Los Angeles area with specialties in palliative care, hospice, end of life, and also beginning of life areas such as the NICU.