Darling, Julie

Julie Darling has worked with spiritual and therapeutic music for twenty years. She is a teacher, artist, flower essence practitioner and fully qualified Harp Therapist.

“Julie is known for the sacred power of her music and the gentle wisdom of her teachings.” – GK

Julie creates music with her Celtic harp in the wild and holy places of the British Isles. She makes art, music and poetry which is inspired by the wild beauty of the natural world around her, and her love of ancient teachings from the Celtic spiritual world.

She works with people who are seeking an experience of deep peace, as well as groups and individuals who are looking for a deeper wisdom – the language of the heart. She holds the belief that music can be the doorway to the inner dimensions, opening us to the light and wisdom that lies within our own hearts and souls. The Celtic harp is her instrument. She plays the harp in the way that our ancestors did, with sacred intent, the spoken word and the power of prayer.

The sounds of wind, wave and birdsong , are woven into live recordings of her music as they accompany the music of her harp in nature, as she creates vibrational essences for healing work – these are the Rosegold Celtic Harp Essences.

Julie also makes ‘Personal Harp Music and Essences’ for her clients – playing the song of your heart and soul, as the Celtic harp expresses the hidden stories that long to be heard.