Fern’s story

Fern’s Story – Rehabilitation Unit

A lovely woman by the name of Fern woke one day to find her world had changed having just experienced a stroke. While in the rehabilitation unit, she was deeply depressed while going through the arduous task of learning how to feed and dress herself and the daily routines that we so often take for granted.In the midst of her tears and frustration, I was able to find out that she had enjoyed writing poetry for children.

We set about getting her equipped with a computer where she could type out her poetry (one-handed). As families came to visit the other residents in rehab, the children began to make pictures of Fern’s poems. The process developed into setting her poetry to music.

Two months after Fern had been admitted to the hospital, she left to go home but first stopped off at a concert where we presented her with 100 recordings of her poems set to music and 100 coloring books developed from the children’s art. These books and recordings were then sent to Paul Newman’s Hole In The Wall Camps for children with terminal illnesses.

This is the power of music.