Why Choose a Harp Circle?

Your first question may be, why would I want to create a harp circle over any other music therapy program or art program in my facility?

The first and foremost answer is that this program can be incorporated with any music therapy program or art program to bring a rewarding and community experience to your facility. The small harp is very easy to play. The strings are color-coded and there are no ‘unpleasant’ sounds. It also offers participation to everyone involved based on their own level. The music making embraces the premise of harmony, meaning that one person may be eager to play a complete tune while another only has the facility to play one or two repetitious notes. But when all is put together, it creates a symphony of sound!
The instruments are virtually indestructible and are easily disinfected. The cost is affordable for the facility and you will have a strong support system through our organization. Aesthetically, Harp Circles are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear.

What kind of support will I get if I develop a Harp Circle in my facility?

You can be assured that we are offering you a comprehensive program that will enhance the quality of care and well being in your facility.We will help you design your program and then match you with a facilitator. Our powerpoint presentations that will enable you to present your desires and hopes for implementing a program, which will bring attention to your facility as leader in patient centered care.

How Many People

How many people does it involve running the program?
Who will facilitate it and if that facilitator leaves, can the Harp Circle carry on?

  • It only takes one person to run the program. We have trained facilitators through our International Harp Therapy Program and music therapists can easily implement the program. In addition to our trained facilitators, someone who already plays the harp and lives in your area can also facilitate the circle.The facilitators go through training so they can bring out the best of everyone in the group.
  • We recommend that healthcare facilities and support groups engage a facilitator who has had training in music therapy, therapeutic music programs or in health related areas. Please keep in mind that they may be wearing different ‘hats’ in their work.
  • For school groups, after school programs, church and community groups, we list our facilitators who can provide educational direction.
  • A facilitator is one who implements the teachings of professionals through the use of DVDs and music guides.
  • Check out our growing list of Facilitators.
  • The exciting good news is that this program encourages people in your own organization to learn to play for their personal enjoyment. Once they have learned the basics they are on their way to eventually starting a Harp Circle. Check out our Individuals and Caregivers for those interested in wanting to learn to play with this goal in mind.

How long is the training and setting up phase?

If you do not have a facilitator in your area, we can send someone to you to set up the program. They will work with one of your in-house interested and appropriate people. This can happen while your harps are being made and delivered which is usually takes about 2 months. There is a negotiable fee for the service of the facilitator and then your facility can negotiate further if the facilitator stays on or if you engage your own local coordinator/facilitator.

What are the space requirements for instrument storage?
Are the instruments fragile and do they need regular skilled maintenance?

The 6 harps fit in a cart and take up approximately 3’x3’x5’ space. Accessories fit in the bottom of the cart. As with any other instrument or item, if handled roughly they could suffer damage but these small instruments are very durable and are reinforced well.
The facilitator will know how to tune the harps and disinfect them.

What Information do I need?

“I am an employee in a hospice and wish to introduce a Harp Circle to my department.
I don’t know quite how to go about this, or what it would actually involve.
What information do I need to know whether it would be viable in my situation?”

First, study our site and go to the area that pertains to your facility – HealthcareSchoolsCaregiving. We have developed a power-point presentation for you that pertains to your facility. In that presentation, you will find information on costs and answers to your questions.

  • We then invite you to fill out our Request Form so that we can best advise you to people in your area and those with expertise that can answer your questions.
  • You also have the support of our Trained Staff to offer presentation workshops at in-service gatherings.
  • Further information is available at Healthcare Facilities. And please feel free to Contact Us.