This book is a beginners guide to understanding the profound effect that sound and color has on the body.

Rudolf Steiner states that, “…the spiritual reveals itself through color and tone…” Mary Bassano states that,

We are all instruments, we are symphonies by bringing emotional, spiritual awareness, and physical energies into play, we are part of the music of the spheres.

The premise is that every form has its own sound and color, that sound is audible color and color is visible sound. It is believed that meditation, music and color help to fi ne-tune the spirit. The author develops a chart matching the chakra, color, musical note or tone, glands, subtle bodies, characteristics, and healing for specifi c areas. This author believes that music may infl uence the psychic centers, sympathetic nervous system, para-sympathetic nervous system and autonomic nervous system, either directly or indirectly.

Physical ailments have a rate of vibration and once this rate is measured, sympathetic vibrations could be applied with benefi cial results because they set up a comparable frequency, which may dissolve or break up the imbalance. The book discusses how rhythm affects the physical body, melody the emotions and harmonics the spirit. Bassano notes how minor keys develop subjectivity and inner self, while major keys are more outgoing and creative. The author also believes that every person has their own key note, that certain sounds and tones can change the very chemistry of our bodies and that the degree to which we hear the soul of music, the sound within the sound, is the measure of our God-Awareness. book

– review by Deborah Kiggans, IHTP Student, New Matamoras, OH