CAMPUS – Overview

How the campus works to support individual student development

Link t o IHTP Campus Online


  • You will be studying the program at home by accessing the monthly lessons online
  • By ‘logging in’ to the campus with a unique identity you access the ‘Student Area’
  • Each student is assigned a personal mentor who evaluates monthly class submissions and offers personal support
  • Course materials and project papers are uploaded and then held securely online where they are accessed by the students mentor for assessment
  • The ‘Student Area’ allows for communications between mentors, teachers and other students via instant Blogs and Forums
  • Individually assigned mentors and other students are always on-hand to offer support and assistance


  • Your unique student identity allows you access to the monthly lessons area inside the online campus
  • The lessons include written, video and recording materials
  • Students can study and review the monthly lesson as often as needed to fully explore the material – students have indicated that the on-line studies amount to about 15 hours each month, not including the harp practice and book reading
  • Each monthly lesson times out at the end of the month and a new lesson is posted
  • Don’t worry –  the previous months lesson remains available if needed


  • A live monthly phone conference is held by Christina Tourin (course director) ~ mentors, teachers, fellow students (from around the world) and notable speakers all participate and contribute
  • Conferences are at scheduled times to work with several regional time zones
  • You will hear key-note addresses by leaders in the field and have the chance to question and get the advice you need when you need it
  • Each monthly lesson is explored in depth with questions and answers session forming the basis for the monthly conference calls
  • All conferences are recorded and then posted to the campus for review and further reflection


  • All required reading materials are available for purchase either through or by following book reference links
  • Harp lessons and required support materials are readily available through or affiliated sites ~ recommendation on instructors who teach by SKYPE lessons is also available for your own private study
  • Free downloadable support papers are included in monthly lessons


  • Assistance is always available through the ‘Student Area’
  • You can personally email the director if a one-on-one communication is called for
  • We have a FAQ’s section on the campus where you can get answers to most computer related issues
  • If a problem occurs that is not covered by the FAQ’s area, our technical support people will always respond to issues and try to resolve any problems you might encounter