hr2hr2What Is Harp Therapy? 

For centuries, the beneficial relationship between music and healing has been well established. We now have substantial documentation of the responsiveness to and appreciation of music by peoples of all ages and cultures. Music played on the harp has several unique healing properties. The resonance from the strings, including the range of pitch and tonal color, set up an important relationship between the sound and the recipient. Historically, the harp has been a symbol of relief and comfort


3harpskeyverpicPractitioner graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program use all sizes of harps with the intention of supporting the recipient’s goal of healing. This goal may be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual in nature. The soothing sounds of the harp not only can enhance the quality of life, but create the possibility of interactive work in which the recipient might play the harp. Working with the therapeutic harp is as varied as our clients.


 International Harp Therapy Program

COMPLETE STUDY-AT-HOME with no travel!


The newly revised IHTP consists of five Units.  Units 1-3 provide the foundational courses.  Unit 4 is the introduction to resonance study and Unit 5 is the Interactive component and clinical rotation. The student may work at their own pace, but each Unit must be completed in 6 months. In addition to the Units, the student will need to complete their internship in order to graduate the program and receive their certification.

NOTE to all potential applications to the International Harp Therapy Program: We are requiring that all applicants have studied the first 3 Creative Harping DVD lessons: #1 –  How To Find The Mode and submit the QUIZ; #2 – DORIAN and #3 – AEOLIAN Modes and will submit a 3-4 min. recording with a segue into the improvisation with their application form.  #1 Lesson is FREE online. If you are in need of coaching by a skype teacher, please contact our office.  CONTACT.

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Our NEW STUDENT HANDBOOK is now available! 
Please download this PDF and study it well.


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We have 78 students and our 2016 Class! Our next intake is March 1, 2017.  Applications are now being accepted with recordings from the Creative Harping DVD Series –  Dorian and Aeolian Modes. You can get much of your work done by working on the Music Development (Creative Harping required 10 DVD Lessons) and the Required Readings. You will find requirements HERE while working on your preparatory lessons until the new Campus doors open.


 OPTIONS for Study
1. The Complete AT-HOME Study Program
Next Opening is March 1, 2017

2.  One week attendance Programs

Level 2 – March 12 – 15, 2017 –  San Diego California
ESM – July 7-11, Hong Kong in conjunction with the World Harp Congress
Level 1 – July 22-29, 2017 –  Heythuysen Netherlands
Intro and Skills building – August 8-11, 2017 –  Albert Lea, Minnesota
Level 2 – August 14-19 – Albert Lea, Minnesota
(IHTP Conference August 12-13, 2017 – Cedar Falls, Iowa)
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Why is the International Harp Therapy Program Unique?

 The International Harp Therapy Program trains its practitioners in the following areas:

  • To learn an “enabling language” to help bring out the best in all people (through studies in Psychology and Counseling)
  • To understand the scientific and concrete aspects of sound vibrations
  • To develop intuition and be open to asking “What is willing to meet me” from a patient.
  • To develop a collection of musical tools in which to draw upon for appropriate occasions
  • To hold the spiritual realm of every being

2. The International Harp Therapy Program endorses a balance between music, medicine and spirituality.

3. Certified Practitioners offer both bedside music (repertoire from many genres) and interactive work with patients.

4. At the core of the program, the practitioner recognizes that each individual has their own Resonant tone, style of musical preference, mood, and their own rhythm. Combining these elements, the practitioner offers the client or patient their own personal musical journey or “their own cradle of sound” to help them in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Harp playing relaxes, energizes, soothes, and heals the youngest of children and oldest of adults.

    • Releases emotional pain
    • Improves short-term memory and attention span
    • Increases social interaction
    • Builds self-esteem
    • Relieves stress


About Christina Tourin and her work

Christina is a music therapist having studied under the tutelage of Barbara Crowe at Arizona State University. Her main focus is CONVERGENCE – bringing together all those who use music, sound and the arts for enrichment and well-being.

Author of the respected and comprehensive book A Cradle of Sound, is a second generation harpist, who began playing harp at the age of four. She received her Music Therapy degree from Arizona State University. She is the founder and director of the International Harp Therapy Program. She has 15 recordings distributed internationally and has performed extensively worldwide. 



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